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About Kate Bauer


Raised on a fast road off the side of a middle-of-nowhere Kansas town & brought up in Catholic school...


If I hadn't forced my mother to move to DC when I turned fourteen I often wonder what mysteries would remain unsolved for me. I'm thankful to have experienced culture-shock at one of the most diverse public schools in the nation at the most formative time of my life. Moving to the richest county in America (Fairfax, VA) meant that my new high school was the size of my whole hometown. 

At a young age, before I left Kansas, I began traveling to workshops to become an actor. I longed to be a member of 'the rest of the world'-- whatever it meant. 

Since thirteen I have been overcome with dreams of the screen. 


I graduated early from Emerson College after the Los Angeles program in 2018, earning a Fine Arts degree in Visual Media Production. I learned from the best at documentary production company Jane Doe Pictures. They are known for "Allen v. Farrow", "On The Record" on HBO; "The Bleeding Edge" on Netflix. For the last year I worked in Operations as a Project Coordinator for the most heavily utilized post-production facility on the East Coast for political broadcast advertisements. 

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